The Best Reasons To Buy A Turbocharger From Us!

Good products come from good materials, turbochargers are no exception. PHESSIO TURBO never cuts corners when it comes to materials and production processes. What makes we so different than other manufacturers of turbochargers?

Compressor Housing

Compressor Housing

Machining precision up to IT6 grades, The housing is anodized and hard coat anodized. The top is also heat treated. there was a 23% improvement in hardness over the untreated housings.

Compressor Wheels

Compressor Wheels

Compared to other manufacturers, each of our compressor wheel has a black oxide coating which provides excellent corrosion resistance. This makes our wheels extremely durable and longer lasting.

Turbine Housings

Turbine Housing

The turbine housing is made from a cast iron of contains 20% nickel and 20% molybdenum which enables it to withstand temperatures up to 950℃

Turbine Wheels

Turbine Wheel

Turbine wheel is made from a special high strength K418 alloy which enables it to withstand temperatures up to 900℃. Never use cheap K713C.

Turbine Shaft

Turbine Shaft

Turbine shaft is made of European standard 42CrMo4(1.7225) alloy steel, which has very high strength and is also a very good conductor of heat.



Floating Bearing & Thrust Bearing are made of CW713R (CuZn37Mn3Al2PbSi – 2.0550), the cost is 20% higher than normal materials.

Turbochargers are precision instruments. If they’re going to work right, they must be manufactured under exacting tolerances and specifications. Quality is derived from what you inspect, not what you expect; In PHESSIO TURBO, minutely inspected as a matter of course in the whole turbocharger manufacturing process.

Rotor Shaft & Wheels Balancing Test

By Italy REDAT

Detection Accuracy = 0.0001g

Test Frequency = 100%

Cartridge Balancing Test


Vibration Detection Accuracy ± 1%

Inspection Frequency = 100%

Valve Test

By Italy REDAT

Detection Accuracy Test ± 0.5%

TDetection Frequency = 100%

Each piece of full finished turbocharger will do overall performance test before packaging. We offer 2 years warranty, 30 days return policy.